Freeman Thomas 上任福特 Strategic Design Director

May 4, 2005 – Long-time DaimlerChrysler designer Freeman Thomas is joining Ford Motor Company from June 1. Thomas, 47, will become director of Strategic Design, reporting to Peter Horbury, executive director of Design, North America. Based in the company’s Irvine, California studio, Thomas will lead advanced design teams in both California and Dearborn. In addition to developing product design strategies and concept vehicles, the Strategic Design team works closely with the Advanced Product Creation team in developing new production vehicles. 除了Mays 和 Horbury,福特有了... 阅读全文 »

Diablo Fan Art Contest

Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce our first Diablo Fan Art Competition. Starting 3:00 P.M. PST on Friday, March 18, through 12:00 P.M. PST on Monday, April 18, we will be accepting submissions for our Diablo Fan Art Competition. The time has come for all you artists to unleash your inner demon and show us just how awesome your artistic talents truly are. All you have to do is draw any monster from the Diablo universe in a recognizable scene from the world of Sanctuary and submit your work via the Fan Art Submission form. The artwork of the 10 winners will be displayed on the Bliz... 阅读全文 »


pokia “This thing is just about the greatest thing ever. It has everything—it’s a mixture of irony, goofiness, stupidity, and an incorrigible waste of good engineering skills. The Phobile Handset is an exact replica of an old-time rotary dial handset and connects with just about every possible phone manufacturer including Nokia and Motorola.”–gizmodo 此前有一类似的产品: 尽管我现在怀疑到底能不能接受这个产品,但是至少看上去太cool了。

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Ring Thing

这个在ThinkGeek出售的酒瓶起,戒指形,所以你就不用担心到时候找不到起子了,就是不知道用起来是否省力。 via:gizmodo

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简洁、朴素,现代主义用有趣的有机曲线来打动我们,但是硅藻用这样的方式生存了亿万年! 更多图片

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通过对你的呼吸,测试你的新陈代谢率,来获得消耗的卡路里数值,以便来控制你的体重。由HealthTech推出,BodyGem20 售价$419,BodyGem100 售价$1799.你可以在IOL看到相关介绍。 虽然我们可以清晰的获得食物的卡路里数,但是没人消耗的卡路里是不一样的,这是为什么有的人不用节食也不会发福的原因,BodyGem能够准确的测定你的卡路里消耗情况也方便安排你的饮食。(通过氧气等消耗测定) via: WMMNA

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第三届iF中国设计大赛上,共颁出了104个奖项,所有的获奖作品都将现身5月11-14日即将在上海新国际博览中心举行的2005亚洲信息及技术通信展览会(简称:亚洲CeBIT)。 一些产品也是获得if奖的,可能是目前还是if china 的第三次,所以人们也很难搞清if 和if china的区别,或者更倾向于if (感觉不是很正统?获奖者和产品的范围也是清一色) via:设计在线

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Hong-ik 2004毕业设计展

CDN 韩国Hong-ik 大学交通设计专业学生的毕业展览,设计的范围很广,有概念设计的也有品牌设计的。详细访问Hong-ik University Design Degree Show 2004

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Dyson–The Ball

James Dyson在其网站上详细介绍The Ball设计过程,工作原理等等。 The Ball是Dyson真空吸尘器的最新款,一个球形的轮子使得操作更加自由,打扫更加彻底 via:core77

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