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2010 Ford Mustang

福特在2008洛杉矶车展上发布了新款野马(Mustang)——2010 Ford Mustang,第6代野马车,之前做足了宣传功夫,一张一张的发局部图。新的 Mustang 配上了新的野马标志,更快更有力。2010 Ford Mustang 与前一代2005版相比变化不是特别大,与车标的变化一样,线条更明朗尖锐,与时俱进,而且增强了一些动感,比如腰线的设计。

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Ford Iosis

又一辆将在法兰克福车展上亮相的酷车, Ford Iosis代表着下一代福特欧洲版的新设计方向,更加动感,more sporting, dynamic and exciting。详细请见文章F0RD IOSIS SHOWS NEW DESIGN DIRECTIO~。(via:autoblog)。更多图片

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Freeman Thomas 上任福特 Strategic Design Director

May 4, 2005 – Long-time DaimlerChrysler designer Freeman Thomas is joining Ford Motor Company from June 1. Thomas, 47, will become director of Strategic Design, reporting to Peter Horbury, executive director of Design, North America. Based in the company’s Irvine, California studio, Thomas will lead advanced design teams in both California and Dearborn. In addition to developing product design strategies and concept vehicles, the Strategic Design team works closely with the Advanced Product Creation team in developing new production vehicles. 除了Mays 和 Horbury,福特有了... 阅读全文 »