PHILIPPE STARCK在其网站上发布了最近的作品,为著名的灯具设计商Flos设计的灯具,我们也在milan design week上见到过这些产品。


Collection La Vie

Pandora Book

Miss K

Archimoon Classic
当然最引人注目的就是下面的collection gun系列,在展会上抢尽镜头。

To Life, To Death

First there were attempts at life, then the draftof life, then Life itself. It didn’t have much value – life and death altogether. It was something of an accident, without importance. But Mankind kept working. A lot. A civilisation was crafted so that Life could live. Sublime by obligation, Life became sacred, untouchable. The great, beautiful Life, guaranteedto everyone, surged und survived until today, the 21st century, the third millennium, the adventof civilised civilisation. Bravo! Rest in peace. Crash! It’s never what you think. After just a short period of enlightenment, the shadows return, fast, dense and menacing. Rewind, death is at the door. Nowadays we kill – religiously, militarily, civilly,
indeed very civilly sometimes. We kill out of ambition, out of greed, for the fun of it or of the show. Republics turn bananas. Tyrant are our masters, Designed, manufactured, sold, dreamed, purchasedand used, weapons are our new icons. Our lives are only worth a bullet. The Guns Collection is nothing but a signof the times. We get the symbols we deserve. Happiness is a hot gun.Glory to our dictators
To Life, To Death

Happiness is a hot gun.Glory to our dictators(用幸福这把热枪,向我们的独裁者显示我们的荣耀?不知道是否这样理解)

Light, functional, affordable and elegant, with over 100 million copies officially produced to date, the Kalachnikov is one of the industrial design success-stories of our age. Mr Kalachnikov has never received any royalties for this design. He often complains about it. Thus, I intend to pay him a commission for the sales of the model that replicates his invention. Poor guy. The remainder will be donated to “Medicins sans frontieres”, though sometimes I wonder why. Aux larmes Citoyens Aux armes Citoyens

The gold of the weapons represents
the collusion between money and war
Table Gun symbolises the East
Bed Side Gun symbolises Europe
Lounge Gun stands for the West
The black shade signifies death
The crosses on the inside are to remind us of our dead ones.

金黄的武器代表着金钱和战争之间的阴谋,Table Gun 象征着东方,Bed Side Gun 象征着欧洲,Lounge Gun象征着西方,黑暗的阴影表达着死亡,里面的十字架时刻提醒着我们对死亡者的记忆。

PHILIPPE STARCK的这个设计让人们开始看到他的政治关怀,或者说PHILIPPE STARCK在寻找一个新的目标,设计能改变世界吗?