re-design | 再设计

bath armchair by tommy allen

a light read by helen waites

anie by reestore
[re]design 05( 将在9月份的伦敦设计节上展出超过100件的此类友善的、可持续、生态的、、、、、的设计, [re]design的标准:
[re]duce – designs that minimize waste and raise awareness of resource use.(浪费最小化,提高对能源利用的警惕)
[re]source – designs using renewable natural materials,managed to ensure a sustainable long-term supply.(可更新的自然材料,可长期供应)
[re]make – designs that allow easy, cost-effective disassembly and re-use of parts at end of life.(低成本,容易拆解,在生命周期结束零件可重新利用)
[re]create – customized designs –encouraging a lasting bond between owner and object.(消费者可定制的设计,加强消费者和物品间的长期关系)
[re]spond – sociable designs which invite interaction with others.(社会化设计,与其他产生关系)
[re]mind – designs given character by their history –reminding us to treasure what has lasted.(用历史塑造特性,提心人们珍爱那些持续利用的)
[re]use – designs making creative use of readymade objects and components.(发挥现有物品零件的创新应用)
[re]cycle – designs from reprocessed waste materials.(利用废弃材料的再加工材料)
[re]claim – designs using waste materials in the raw(利用合法的废弃材料)