I Fu Le U | 艺术之花处处开遍

Introducing the Turd Twister…the funniest gag gift in the world!
The Turd Twister is a complete kit for shaping your turd into amazing designs, and it comes with a hilarious instruction anual. It’s the Ultimate Gift for the person who has everything, including a “twisted” sense of humor!
How It Works
The Turd Twister is designed to fit comfortably up your butt during your morning constitutional. Insert the Extruder Ring, hold it tenderly between your butt cheeks, and let nature take its course. Now you can take advantage of sophisticated Turd Twister extrusion technology to craft incredible excremental designs whenever you like!
Imagine the beauty of your turd as it passes through the great designer patterns. And the Turd Twister’s advanced design and breakthrough material specifications mean successful turds every time. Simply insert the apparatus, take a dump, and watch the results! Fun for the whole family!