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Hussein Chalayan (designboom 采访)

我们很少关注“时尚”类的东西(这个“时尚”指的是被告知的时尚),但是Hussein Chalayan我们提到了两次,一个是Icon杂志的采访的时候,一个是2006米兰设计周上,他为swarovski设计的机翅膀)。designboom最近采访了Hussein Chalayan: what advice would you give to the young ? I would advise young designers to get experience before they approach their own thing.you don’t have to have your own label to ucceed. you could have a part in an interesting group.the important thing in the design world is to be always thinking of... 阅读全文 »


来自interiordesign的文章Walk This Way Marloes ten Bhömer believes her shoes can change the world, one step at a time 时尚和建筑的结合,来自于26岁的Marloes ten Bhömer ,在她就读于荷兰Arnhem的Academy of Visual Arts and Design的产品设计专业期间,她就着迷于鞋子的 utilitarian structures,并且开始小规模的制作。并在Royal College of Art 的时候得到了Alexander McQueen 和 Boudicca的启发,在Ron Arad的课程中,她完善了这10双鞋子。“不仅材料和制作方法可以改变鞋子,行走的方式和思想同样可以... 阅读全文 »