Hussein Chalayan (designboom 采访)

hussein chalayan
我们很少关注“时尚”类的东西(这个“时尚”指的是被告知的时尚),但是Hussein Chalayan我们提到了两次,一个是Icon杂志的采访的时候,一个是2006米兰设计周上,他为swarovski设计的机翅膀)。designboom最近采访了Hussein Chalayan

what advice would you give to the young ?
I would advise young designers to get experience before they approach their own don’t have to have your own label to ucceed.
you could have a part in an interesting group.the important thing in the design world is to be always thinking of something that isn’t already done.otherwise, the ones that are doing it will do it better than you.also, opening to yourself to sort of other things that can inspire design rather than looking at design have to expose yourself to other worlds to keep your mind more active.