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Amazon Kindle 是这几天最热的东西(新闻周刊的封面宣传),虽然并没有太多赞美之声,但目前 Kindle 已经销售一空,要到11月29日才会恢复供货(或许也是一种策略)。Kindle 设计来自 Robert Brunner ,Robert Brunner 在1989到1996早期担任 Apple 的工业设计主管,而后是 Pentagram 的合伙人,现在成立自己的设计公司 Ammunition好像是去年)。Robert Brunner 说 Kindle 将改变人们的阅读方式,如同 iPod 改变人们听音乐一样。

电子书阅读器其他厂商也有很多在出,其中最主要的就是 Sony Reader。Amazon 是全球第一大网络书店,Kindle 竞争力除了丰富的资源外,主要特点还有它的网络支持功能,即 Amazon 和 Sprint 合作的 CDMA EV-DO 无线网络,不像 Wi-Fi 需要外界网点支持,你可以随时随地通过 Kindle 登录网络,购买图书,订阅报纸杂志(还包括 blog )等,最重要的是你不需要为这些网络流量付费。目前 Amazon 提供逾9万种电子书供用户下载,大多数的电子书售价为9.99美元,而且还可以订阅报纸杂志,诸如纽约时报、华尔街日报、华盛顿邮报和时代周刊、福布斯等,订阅价格为5.99到14.99美元每月,杂志为1.25到3.49美元每月,甚至还可以订阅 blog,但是需要付费的,每月0.99美元。

Kindle 的尺寸为 7.5″ x 5.3″ x 0.7″(19×13.5×1.8cm ),重量10.3 ounces( 290g ),6英寸的四级灰度屏幕,分辨率600 x 800 pixel 167 ppi,Kindle 的屏幕使用了叫作 electronic paper 的技术,使阅读如同纸张一般。开启无线网络2天一充,关闭网络电池可续航一周。Kindle 有一个 QWERTY 键盘,让输入功能变得方便。人机设计的外形和按键的排布,让人如同拿一本书一样,人们在长时间的阅读总不断的变换姿势,两侧都有长条的翻页按键,不仅方便不同姿势下的阅读,对于左右手习惯也可照顾到。更详细的一些功能可以见
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更新:Amazon Kindle 评测(来自Robert Scoble):

1. No ability to buy paper goods from Amazon through Kindle.

2. Usability sucks. They didn’t think about how people would hold this device.

3. UI sucks. Menus? Did they hire some out-of-work Microsoft employees?

4. No ability to send electronic goods to anyone else. I know Mike Arrington has one. I wanted to send him a gift through this of Alan Greenspan’s new book. I couldn’t. That’s lame.

5. No social network. Why don’t I have a list of all my friends who also have Kindles and let them see what I’m reading?

6. No touch screen. The iPhone has taught everyone that I’ve shown this to that screens are meant to be touched. Yet we’re stuck with a silly navigation system because the screen isn’t touchable.

Would I buy it? Yes, but I’m a geek. I can’t really recommend this to other people yet. Sorry.

It’s obvious that they never had this device in their hands when they were designing it.

Whoever designed this should be fired and the team should start over.